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Coming Soon to Ruston, LA

123 Pelican Blvd.

Ruston, LA 71270

‪(318) 232-2326‬

After booking, please fill intake forms and email using the "Completed Forms" link

Semaglutide only-- New Patients
dosage is .25mg for 4 weeks, .50mg 
for 4 weeks, and .75mg for 4 weeks
Other dosage schedules available 
however prices vary


Effective 1/2/24--

$25 will be added to all "ship to home" medication orders due to rising shipping costs.  Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Medication Pick-up hours:
Mondays- 9am-1pm
Tues & Wed- 3pm-7pm
Thursdays- 9am-1pm

every other Saturday- 8:30am-11:30am
next Sat pickup- 6/15/24

Physician's hours-
Monday: 9am - 1pm
Tuesday: 3pm - 7pm
Wednesday: 3pm - 7pm
Thursday*: 9am - 1pm
Friday*: 9am - 1pm
Saturday*: 8:30am - 11:30am

*availability every other week

Lose Weight,
Be Healthy,
Be Happy.

At Louisiana Medical Weight Loss, we work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.


Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life

Losing weight is hard.  We get it!  Sometimes even with an awesome diet and exercise plan the scale just isn't budging.  A physician monitored medical weight loss program may be just what you need to jumpstart your weight loss journey and achieve your goals!

Close-up of kale salad and vegetables
Woman cutting fruit

Program Details

The goal at LA Medical Weight Loss is to help our patients lose the unwanted weight by providing a weight loss medication to be used in addition to, not REPLACE, a healthy diet and regular exercise.  We strive to provide our patients with the resources and knowledge necessary to lose weight, develop a healthy lifestyle, and keep it off!

*Not all patients will qualify for a prescription.  Patient intake forms will be evaluated by a Medical Doctor to ensure the patient is eligible for this program.


Coming Soon!

Check back in to read the latest success stories!

Check back often for
Recipes, Exercise Tips and MORE!

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Healthy cooking. Southern Style!
click the link below for some of our favorite southern recipes made healthy 

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