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Our physician monitored weight loss programs are customized to each individual patients' needs based on multiple criteria.  The doctor will study the patient intake form and then prescribe the medication that best suits the patient.

*Not all patients will qualify for a prescription.  Patient intake forms will be evaluated by a Medical Doctor to ensure the patient is eligible for this program.

Medication List

  • Adipex – 37.5mg

  • Phentermine- 37.5mg

  • Contrave (non-controlled)- 8/90mg

  • Semaglutide injection (once weekly)

  • Tirzepatide injection (once weekly)

Initial visit- $100; Refill visit- $75.
(price excludes cost of medication from the pharmacy)
see below for pricing information for Contrave and Semaglutide

Contrave- $99 + office visit

3 Month programs available!
semaglutide pricing
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